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WPH130 Winton 1.3m Power Harrow


  • Tractor HP Required 25-40hp
  • Weight 275kg
  • Working width 130cm
  • Working depth 15cm
  • 12 Blades for maximum aeration
  • Evan soil distribution
  • Shear bolts PTO shaft
  • Optional slip clutch PTO upgrade
  • Suitable for a range of small or compact tractors
  • Category 1 Size Linkage

Prices start at £2500, contact us for more information


The Winton 1.3m Power Harrow is designed for grassless, less stony or less rocky areas. It is essential for aerating the ground to create a quality finish.

The power harrow enables the soil to gain warmth quicker, as well as breaking up compacted soil. Therefore, planted materials will grow in healthier conditions. The rear mesh roller gently levels off the aerated soil to create a perfect seed bed. The blades are designed for maximum aeration for the best results.

They can achieve a tilling depth of 15cm, while also distributing soil evenly. Therefore, it produces a level finish and better soil for crops.
The Winton 1.3m Power Harrow attaches to the 3 point linkage of a range of small and compact tractors.

The harrow benefits from heavy duty steel engineering as well as a robust heavy duty gearbox. This creates a smooth operation and finish. In addition, the machine uses a shear bolt PTO for enhanced safety.

FTS can also provide a slip clutch upgrade. This means the shear bolt will not break every time the harrow is overworked. Such a simple upgrade can save both time and money.

The machine also has separate blade carriers for better efficiency. This power harrow is simple and quick to fit and operate.

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WPH130 Winton 1.3m Power Harrow