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DP16 Deleks single furrow plough


  • Tractor HP Required 15-35hp
  • Weight 50kg
  • Working width 30cm
  • Working depth 16-25cm
  • Dimensions 60x80x50cm
  • Lower linkage width 41-56cm
  • Gauge wheel allows easy hight adjustment
  • Simple to fit and operate
  • Suitable for a range of small or compact tractors
  • Category 1 Size Linkage

Prices start at £485, contact us for more information


The DP16 Deleks Single Furrow Plough is specifically designed for use with compact small or compact tractors on clay or sandy soils. The narrow design allows for ploughing close to the tree line without disturbing saplings.

The plough’s tilt and depth can be adjusted easily and it is also fitted with a gauge wheel. This means it is simple to adjust depth and maximise usage. The plough can reach depths of between 16cm and 22cm. The coulter is detachable for easy maintenance, but can also be easily replaced.

Its small dimensions allow the plough to be used on low-power tractors and allows ploughing close to trees without disturbing saplings.

The DP16 has a short arm with an additional welded frame. This strengthens the parts in order to reinforce stress points. Due to the reinforced frame, the plough can handle tough soils, such as thick

The Deleks Single Furrow Plough has a 3 point linkage. This means it can attach to a range of small or compact tractors. The 3 point linkage determines the position of the plough with an option for use as multi-use bar.

This attachment is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort

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DP16 Deleks single furrow plough