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GB6 FTS 6ft Grader Blade


  • Tractor HP Required 20-50hp
  • Weight 76kg
  • Working width 180cm also available in 150cm
  • Angle Adjustments 360 degrees
  • Toughened steel blade for a variety of surfaces
  • Simple to fit and operate
  • Suitable for a range of small or compact tractors
  • Category 1 Size Linkage

Prices start at £413, contact us for more information


The GB6 FTS 6ft Grader Blade is ideal for use around smallholdings and estates. It is designed for levelling out areas of uneven grounds and tracks. Use this piece of kit to fill pot holes and also smooth the surface of bridleways and tracks. It is also great for dispelling gravel, soil, snow and other debris over larger areas.

The GB6 can be rotated 360 degrees using a simple pivoting mechanism. This means it is easy to bolt onto a selected angle which then offers greater flexibility. The grader blade can be angled to either be pushed or pulled by a tractor.

The blade is metal for tougher areas of ground. It is also reversible, so it can be flipped over when it wears down. The increased longevity will save time and money for the busy smallholder. The toughened steel is strong enough to offer grading for a variety of ground surfaces. The reinforced design benefits from both strength and reliability. This attachment is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving time and effort.

The FTS 6ft Grader Blade can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors. This is a category 1 size linkage and pins.

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GB6 FTS 6ft Grader Blade