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B-HC04 William Hackett 4ft Drag Harrow


  • Weight 37kg
  • Working width 152cm
  • Pin Hitch
  • 3 way tines for different strength levels
  • Simple to fit and operate
  • Heavy duty steel
  • British made
  • Ring hitch can fit to tractor, ATV, etc

Prices start at £220, contact us for more information


Our B-HC04 William Hackett 4ft Drag Harrow is ideal for use around smallholdings and paddocks. These harrows attach to a wide range of vehicles including ATVs & 4×4s.

The 3 way harrow tines give an aggressive harrow in their primary position, then they can be turned around for a slightly less vigorous harrow and finally a light harrowing when upturned. It is great
for levelling mole hills. They can also be used to spread manure and aerate soil in fields, promoting stronger growth.

British design benefits from both strength and reliability. This attachment is manufactured from high quality carbon steel. The drawbar is made from a heavy duty steel tube, complete with a chain
draft. It is strengthened by a steel attachment bar with welded spacers.

The construction allows for attachment to a wide variety of vehicles, meaning the harrow is extremely versatile. This ensures that the harrow is extremely strong with a high resistance to wear. This means you will save time and money.

With a simple pin hitch, the William Hackett 4ft Drag Harrow is suitable for a range of tractors, but also ATVs and 4x4s.

This implement is quick and simple to fit and use, saving both time and effort.

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B-HC04 William Hackett 4ft Drag Harrow