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B-FAR5 Fleming 5ft Compact Aerator


  • Tractor HP Required 30-60hp
  • Weight 235kg
  • Working width 150cm
  • 24 cutting blades
  • Working depth 18cm
  • Angle Adjustment (degrees) 0-10
  • Simple to fit and operate
  • Galvanised heavy duty Fram with stands
  • Easy ground entry and exit blades for minimal surface damage
  • Protective skids around bearings
  • Suitable for a range of small or compact tractors

Prices start at £1890, contact us for more information


The Fleming 5ft Compact Aerator is ideal for opening up heavily poached or compacted ground. Using the aerator regularly improves drainage. It also reduces dependency on expensive artificial
fertiliser use. This means it is also good for the environment. This attachment has the ability to adjust the rotor angle to suit the required terrain, so it is highly versatile.

The aerator has specialized ground care blades. It has double sided grounds care blades for easy ground entry and exit with minimal surface damage. They are fitted in a spiral configuration for
smooth, effective aeration. This improves the soil for healthier root growth. In turn, this promotes higher quality in the grass.

The B-FAR5 has a unique blade locking system. The chamfered, boron
steel blades are fitted in a positive locking socket. This results in less stress on the bolts, helping to keep the blades tight.

The implement has protective skids around the bearings. This means the effects of wear and tear are slower for increased longevity. The galvanised heavy duty frame comes with parking stands. A
carrying rack can be added to the frame to add extra weight to exert more pressure. The galvanised design benefits from both strength and reliability.

The Fleming 5ft Compact Aerator has a 3 point linkage. This means it can attach to a range of small or compact tractors.

This attachment is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort.

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B-FAR5 Fleming 5ft Compact Aerator