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Why Corvus?

The new name in utility vehicles (UTV)

Corvus utv

Corvus is the new name in utility vehicles (UTV). The company started in 2018 with a drive to build the best UTV on the market and they have delivered. This Spanish company has a history of delivering well designed and engineered products, so it is no surprise Yanmar bought their generator company and why they have strong ties in this new venture. The Yanmar diesel engine is fitted in the Terrain DX models and all Corvus models our being sold in America as Yanmar. 


 Quick Glance Facts


With just a quick glance you can see the build quality. The DX model has the Yanmar engine and CVT gearbox, as you would find in the John Deere UTV Gator XUV 865. A more spacious and well designed cab than the Kubota RTV. 450kg Cargo box capacity and 907kg towing capacity to rival all UTV on the market.  For example, Can-AM Traxter, Pollaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule.

Corvus is the new name in utility vehicles (UTV)

Tried and tested in the field by ourselves

UK and Europe spare parts hub

Yanmar Collaboration. Yanmar is a leading Japanese company for tractors, diggers and more

Best in class for performance and value for money

2 years 1000 miles warranty

Corvus Terrain DX4

The Corvus Terrain DX4 is class leading. The design and build is on par with the John Deere Gator XUV 865, with the added bonus of not costing as much. A new Corvus Terrain DX4 will cost the same as a two or three year old John Deere gator with over 1500hrs on and no warranty. The Kubota RTV and Pollaris Ranger are its closest competitors on price only. The Corvus Terrain DX has the better cvt gearbox and 60km top speed over the Kubota and the suspension and drive train over the Pollaris ranger.  The other options for you are the CAN-AM Traxter And Yamaha Wolverine. They only come in petrol and our more expensive than the Corvus. The Kawasaki Mule is a little cheaper and looks it. Kioti k9 is much like the Mule and the Honda Pioneer is just is ATV with a cab….

Diesel, Electric or Petrol 

New utility vehicles (UTV) Do I buy Electric, Petrol or Diesel 

Corvus have all three options available. 

Diesel: Terrain DX4 with its 24hp Yanmar engine is class leading. 

Petrol: Terrain GX4 42hp 4 stroke  

Electric: Terrain EX4 Corvus is one of the first to get one on the market, but with their history in generator they had a jump on the competition. Its therefor no surprise it has set the standard 

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New utility vehicles UTV for sale in Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire 

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