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Winton bale spike WBS01


  • Rear 3 point fitment
  • Tractor HP Required 15 to 65hp
  • Weight 35kg
  • Load Capacity 450kg
  • Simple to fit and operate
  • Smaller spikes for added stability
  • Top spike length 100cm
  • Suitable for a range of small or compact tractors
  • Category 1 Size Linkage

Prices start at £240, contact us for more information


The Winton Bale Spike WBS01 is a simple attachment for transporting hay, straw and silage bales. It is ideal for smallholdings and estates for clearing bales from fields and into storage for the feed requirements of livestock.

The large central spike is fitted to an adjustable bracket. This can be moved into varying positions to suit the size and shape of the bale. There are two smaller spikes at the bottom of the implement for added stability. This means the bale is kept safe and secure during transit. The bale spike is the easiest and most cost effective way of transporting silage, hay, haylage or straw round bales.

Simply use your tractor’s lower linkage arm controls to raise or lower the spike into position. This bale spike has a load capacity of 450kg so it is perfect for small to medium bales of any shape.

The Winton Bale Spike WBS01 has a category 1 sized 3 point linkage. This means it can attach to a range of small or compact tractors.

This attachment is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort. Thanks to the straightforward design of this implement, it requires very little maintenance so you can spend minimum time and money after your purchase.

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Winton bale spike WBS01