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WFM150 Winton Finishing Mower


  • Tractor HP Required 20 - 45hp
  • Cutting Height 3 - 8 cm
  • 3 Cutting Blades
  • Working Width 150cm
  • Robust Heavy Duty Gearbox
  • Height Adjustable Wheels
  • Extended Linkage Arms
  • Upgraded Wheel Profile
  • Category 1 Size Linkage

Prices start at £1750, contact us for more information


The Winton finishing mower WFM150 is perfect for cutting lawns, golf courses, sports fields, schools, camp sites and other large areas of land. An ideal tractor attachment for cutting football pitches and cricket outfields. This style of mower is best suited to level areas of regularly maintained grass.

The machine has 3 blades and uses a rotary cutting action like a traditional lawn mower, this then creates a close cut finish. The mower is belt driven, there are 2 drive belts which give power to the blades.

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WFM150 Winton Finishing Mower